The meaning of words, sentences and documents are captured by deep-learning vectors so that a search is about what's being said.

A Xyggy search can be with keywords, text-snippets or documents and it finds items with similar meaning in ranked order.

For example, start a keyword search or cut and paste a text-snippet of any size into the search box and relevant documents will be found. Now, drag an item of interest from the list of results into the search box and Xyggy will find similar documents for both the original keywords and the item.

Items can be added and removed from the search box. With each interaction, Xyggy dynamically finds relevant items for whatever is in the search box. The search experience is interactive and engaging.

Similar functionality is available for non-text items such as images and audio.

For all data types - text and non-text. Deep learning plus realtime Bayesian machine learning. Distributed. Scalable. API. Interactive.

Also, autonomous discovery with "I am the query" personalization.

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