Automated Machine Learning

Xyggy makes it easy and fast for developers to build powerful machine intelligence applications.

Simply, plugin data of any type - text, image, audio - at one end and get realtime "machine intelligence" on tap at the other end through an interactive API.

This "intelligent data" has multiple uses including personalization, recommendation system, information retrieval or content discovery, autonomous discovery and anomaly detection amongst others.

Xyggy takes care of the complexity of machine learning including scalability.

    1. Add a unique identifer to each data item.

    2. Run the Xyggy Firebox (for deep learning and feature processing).

    3. Start the Xyggy Engine.

    4. Interact or build applications with the Xyggy API.

Download the free Trial Version and begin to prototype applications with Xyggy Automated Machine Learning.

For Windows and Linux.

Coming soon!

Additional information about Xyggy Automated Machine Learning will be available soon.

Email Hello Xyggy, or at the Xyggy Google Group.